Show Your Solidarity and Contribute to Indigenous Reconciliation Efforts....

not just on September 30 but all year long!

We are honoured to invite you to support the grassroots efforts of Albert Dumont, who designed these beautiful shirts. According to Albert, the image represents an opportunity to "bring forth a new relationship of honour and respect for the Indigenous Peoples of this land".

ALL PROFITS go to advance Indigenous reconciliation and promote awareness of the intergenerational impacts of residential schools. Albert is directing the operations, and the orange shirt society has validated this initiative. You can learn more about these initiatives here.


In English, Algonquin, and French: Youth and Adult sizes (XS-4XL)


English and Algonquin only in sizes Medium, Large and XL in Adult only. The fit runs large, and the sleeves are loose-fitting.

Can you give me details about the fit and material?

Previous versions were in polyester and can be made to order. All shirts at the moment are 100%. Please see this specification doc for more details.

Can I try shirts on to determine best fit?

Yes! No problem at all, send us an email!

Do you deliver in Ottawa region?

Yes! we do our best to deliver in person ($5 added for gas) or via mail (only shipping costs apply)

Who does your shirt printing?

All silk screen printing is done by Ottawa Shirt Printing, this is the industry standard to ensure your printing lasts and can be washed multiple times.

How much do the shirts cost?

The suggested donation is $30 for short sleeve shirts and $40 for long sleeves. Anyone who wishes can donate more than this amount. Students and people who do not have the means to pay the full amount can contact Pamela to work something out.

How do I order a shirt?

To order your shirt email Pamela Naymark

Let us know what reconciliACTION means to you!

We also encourage you to send us a picture of yourself wearing your orange shirt with a short reflection on what wearing the shirt means to you and how you will enact reconciliation in your own daily life. Please email Lisa Howell with your pictures and reflections.

I like it when we wear our orange shirts together!

-Willam, age 3

The image on my orange represents living in balance with all our relations. As Canadians, this means understanding that we are implicated in these relations and have responsibilities toward taking action against colonial harms and anti-Indigenous racisms.


When I wear my orange shirt, I’m reminded of the wee ones and all those who never got to live “the good life” that was meant for them. I also feel a deep responsibility to demonstrate Settler accountability. This means working for justice.


Leading up to wearing my orange shirt, I spent time listening to survivors and so my shirt is a reminder to take time in my day to reflect on what I’ve learned and to actively remember the children and families impacted by residential schools. I also wear my shirt to acknowledge that there is still a lot of work to do, and so my shirt is a symbolic agreement to work in collaboration to learn how I can contribute to making Canada a more equitable place to support healing and Indigenous sovereignty.