The photo above was taken September 29, 2023, on the eve of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. A group of 75 people came out to listen and learn from Albert and Kyrstin Dumont, to reflect, and to celebrate the renaming of the Parkway that runs along the sacred Kichi Zibi. 

A New Dawn...healing begins now

Advancing Indigenous reconciliation is everyone’s responsibility!

Miigwetch for visiting, and your interest in being part of reconciliation efforts led by Albert Dumont, an Algonquin traditional teacher, Ottawa's English language poet laureate, artist and human rights activist. 

"To be a human being is to keep well…It is not going to be how much money you acquired in your life that will mean something spiritually whenever you leave this world physically. It is going to be how good of a human being you were that will amount to something. It is not going to be how good of a Canadian you were. It's not how much you saluted the flag or stood for the national anthem that will mean something after you physically die. It's going to be how good of a human being you were."

-Albert Dumont